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We’re business developers.

We know what it takes to turn a brand into a national icon. We will help develop a unique strategy for your company by identifying lucrative expansion opportunities and securing distribution channels to ensure that your big idea becomes a resounding success. Over time, we’ll evaluate and evolve your business model to increase your brand’s longevity and profitability.

Most of all, we’re all about people and we believe that honesty and loyalty are the foundation of all relationships, and we’ve never let the pursuit of success compromise our integrity.

We are the Brand Expansion Group, and we know some people who would love to meet you.

Brian Rubenstein

15+ year veteran brand builder. Most notably, Brian was instrumental in assisting with the growth and success of the Ed Hardy lifestyle brand by working closely with the owner/designer Christian Audigier. He successfully brought on numerous licensing partners, organized outdoor advertising campaigns, brought on distribution partners and placed products on influencers and celebrities.

Brian has always had a bold vision for the future where people and brands have the potential to go. He is adept at leveraging relationships in order to expand the brand properly helping them achieve success. Brian is dedicated to driving brand expansion and worldwide distribution through the development of new strategies that increase visibility and boost sales.

Brian has formed numerous partnerships which have generated millions of dollars for his clients. Negotiating and closing transactions has made it very profitable for his clients, taking on responsibilities for all aspects of the clients business from research and development and strategic planning to project implementation. He has extensive experience in marketing as well as retail distribution of products through numerous sales channels such as TV Shopping, Retail and E-Commerce.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Brian’s journey took him through Tucson, Arizona, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Arizona. After graduating he made his way to Los Angeles where he has established himself as the go to guy for better for you brands looking to expand.

Brian enjoys practicing breathwork, yoga, meditation, hiking, traveling and is a huge foodie. He became a certified kundalini yoga instructor back in 2013. On his time off he loves sharing this ancient technology which transformed his life.

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