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brand expansion group

From big ideas to big success

We are a business development agency helping better-for-you and eco-friendly brands expand at retail. We create and manage national programs that take our clients places they’ve never seen before.

We’re highly visible.

The distribution programs we help create can be found in the aisles of the world’s largest retailers.

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“All big things come from small beginnings”

We also think green.

We support initiatives that reduce plastics impact on the environment by focusing our efforts on helping clean label brands expand.

“We’re grateful for Brian’s commitment and skill as a broker and friend. His insights and access to his brand expansion network have enabled our growth and positioned us for success!”

– Margaret Wishingrad, CEO (Three Wishes)

“Brian and Brand Expansion’s connections to the right partners helped us scale our business faster than we could have done on our own. Our partners have the inside track to key retailers that make the challenge of getting meetings, products set up and developing an ongoing rapport with the retailers straight-forward and a positive experience.”

– Kelly Bottenfield, Chief Sales Officer (The Honey Pot)