Let’s Expand Your Brand.

In today’s market, licensing is one of the most powerful forms of communication around. When you license a product, you attach the reputation of your brand to products made by other manufacturers, thereby providing a totally new way for customers to interact with your organization. Licensing enhances your brand’s credibility, increases your appeal to new customers and strengthens the protections of trademarks as they’re applied across different categories.

Licensing is the key to creating new opportunities for your brand, and it’s what we do best. By placing your name on innovative new products, we can help you separate yourself from your competitors and significantly increase your revenue through product sales, identification and royalties.

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Our Process

Like a spark to kindling, BEG’s licensing programs can ignite your brand and help it spread to every corner of the country and beyond.

We’ll develop an expansion strategy that evaluates and then takes advantage of your brand’s biggest strengths. To secure your entry into the most profitable product categories, we’ll connect you with world-class manufacturers and brand representatives, and we’ll handle the contracts and approvals along the way. When the development is done and the product is complete, we’ll place it in some of the largest distribution networks in North America and ultimately on the shelves of retailers across the country.

Licensing isn’t a static process. It must be monitored and maintained, and it must evolve. We’ll stay with you after you’ve broken new ground to make sure that your company continues to grow. With our help, you’ll develop new strategies over time to help maximize your revenue, greatly extend the longevity of your brand and take it places it’s never been before.